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We place a tempory hold on your credit card each time a place is placed on a vehicle, this is to ensure a secure transaction. Deposits are refunded once the auction closes if you dont win a lot in 24 hours.

Official identification document
(passport or driver’s license) is
required to verify your identity and
contact information to prevent any
fraud activities.

Every seller on TurboBod has been
identity verified by us, meaning that you can
bid or buy on any vehicle with the assurance
that it’s a real listing from a real person or

Bid & Buy online- Turbo enhances market transparency with verified vehicle history and condition information, surpassing other marketplaces. After winning a vehicle, Turbo connects you with the verified seller.

Connect with the seller in your messages section in the TurboBid Dashboard- Turbo Facilities the closing process and offers escrow service.

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TurboBid specialists are by your side throughout the entire process, from crafting the advertisement to handling post-sale matters.

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Answers to all questions about how to sign up, bid and buy cars at an auction

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All the information about auto auctions, bidding, buying, and shipping processes

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Tips and tricks from experts to make buying at an auction easy and safe

Buyer Questions

Joining TurboBid is completely free, allowing you to explore our buyer/seller tools and services without any subscription fees.

Every listing comprises 20 photos showcasing both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, accompanied by videos capturing idle moments, running scenes, driving experiences, or a combination of these. Additionally, three complimentary reports are provided: the Turbo AI Condition Report, CarFax, and the Used Vehicle Information Package.

  • Bid increments refer to the minimum amount by which a bid must be increased during an auction. This ensures a fair and structured bidding process. The bidding platform or auctioneer typically sets these increments.
  • For example, if the current highest bid is $100 and the bid increment is $10, the next valid bid must be at least $110.
  • Yes, proxy bidding is a feature that allows bidders to set the maximum amount they are willing to bid on an item or lot. The bidding system then automatically places bids on behalf of the bidder, incrementally increasing the bid as needed, up to the maximum amount specified.

Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP), Turbo AI Condition Report & Carfax

UVIP provides important information about a used vehicle being sold privately or by a dealership. The UVIP includes details about the vehicle’s registration history, lien information, accident history, and any outstanding recalls. It is meant to provide transparency and protect buyers from purchasing a vehicle with undisclosed issues or liens. The UVIP is typically provided by the seller to the buyer before the sale is completed and is an important document to review before making a used car purchase in Ontario.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, the Turbo AI Condition Report meticulously scrutinizes 81 distinct vehicle components, identifying 19 different types of damages. The resulting report provides thorough insights, revealing any damages on the vehicle, all from the convenience of your home.

Experience total transparency about the vehicle without having to leave your home. We are committed to providing full disclosure without any inconvenience.

The TurboBid AI Condition report is a complete 360 degree scan of the vehicle, covering the exterior and the interior.  The scan analyzes 81 distinct vehicle components , identifying 19 different types of damages.

  • A safety standards certificate shows that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. You can’t put a license plate on a vehicle without one, (More Info ).

Important information on the vehicle is available under the TurboBid checklist, 

To facilitate your bidding experience, a temporary hold is placed on your credit card, accounting for the potential buyer’s fee. The hold amount is set at 1.5% of your initial bid, with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $1,500. This measure ensures coverage if you secure the winning bid. In the event you are not the successful bidder, the hold is promptly released at the conclusion of the auction.

The hold will be released after the conclusion of the auction.

A reserve price is the minimum amount set by the seller in an auction to ensure that the item will only be sold if the bidding reaches or exceeds that specified amount. The reserve price is kept confidential and acts as a safeguard for the seller. If the bidding does not meet this reserve, the item may not be sold.

Should the reserve price go unmet, we will engage with the highest bidder to explore potential offers. The buyer and seller have the opportunity to negotiate and counteroffer through TurboBid to reach a satisfactory deal. Our platform will oversee the transaction to ensure its successful conclusion. In the absence of an agreement, the vehicle will be relisted for another auction run.

TurboBid facilitates communication between the buyer and seller using our messages section within the account dashboard. To complete the transaction, both parties are required to upload necessary documents, including a driver’s license, proof of vehicle ownership, and the chosen payment method.

  •  You can apply for financing on the listing of each vehicle/.

Transportation of the vehicle is the responsibility of the buyer. The vehicle can either be picked up at the seller’s location or towed by your own method of transportation. Additionally, TurboBid transport can assist to get your vehicle delivered anywhere in Canada.

TurboBid recommends paying the seller with a certified cheque payable to the name of the vehicle ownership. Additionally , TurboBid does offer an escrow service to help facilitate the transaction.

TurboBid escrow service is available for an additional $149. We help take care of the payment by placing it in an escrow account, the seller gets paid when the buyer receives the vehicle, keys and ownership.

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